“Happiness lies, first of all, in health.” George William Curtis, Lotus-Eating

So what makes for a healthy life?

According to The World Health Organization; “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.” Since sharing tips for a better life in 2008, some commentators have asked “What about 2010?” So here is my list of tips for a healthy life in 2010. I have added my best photos from Costa Rica to the mix. Enjoy and feel free to share this post via email, blogging, or link love.  I would love your thoughts and feedback on my tips for healthy living.  So Drop me a comment below.

Tips for a Healthy Life in 2010 – Healthy Living tips

  1. Surrender to the sweet sound of Silence.  “Silence is Golden” Ari Gold
  2. Live with the 3 P’s — Passion, Positivity, and Purpose.
  3. Get outside every day. Find a favorite outdoor spot and claim it as your private sanctuary. “Fresh air impoverishes the doctor” – Danish Proverb
  4. Get TiVo and only make time to watch the shows you really love. When in doubt – read a book.
  5. Look in the mirror in the morning and say: I love my life because_____________. Adopt Zig Ziglar’s “The attitude of Gratitude”.
  6. Read new authors, buy used books, and find the literature that inspired your favorite writers.
  7. Find “the ‘way’ of art or spiritual insight through beauty. This can be practiced as traditional Zen arts (tea ceremony, painting, flower arranging) or our modern forms of painting, writing, music.” Source: Lost Coin Zen
  8. Find new portals of creativity and inspiration online every day. Start here at the Webby Awards to find the best of the best.
  9. Fear nothing, but if you must fear, fear not having lived a life big enough for more than just one person. 

  10. Spend time with people who are more successful then you.
  11. Dream Big! Then write down your dreams and turn them into goals.
  12. Grow your own vegetables or shop local and organic. Support your local farmers market.
  13. Trade some coffee for tea and drink at least 6 glasses of fresh filtered water a day.
  14. Get your emails organized into neat little folders; trust me it helps.
  15. Only purchase art when it’s a piece you can’t live without.
  16. Never interpret your dreams in terms of gold and silver.
  17. Give genuine compliments. Give them without wanting anything in return at least 3 times a day.
  18. Quit Hording useless stuff.  Watch 20 minutes of Hoarders to inspire a junk free life. If you find yourself relating to the A&E show Call 1-800-Got-Junk immediately!
  19. Stop reading cheesy tabloids. Don’t concern yourself with the problems of celebrities. Especially since they don’t know you exist.
  20. Remember that if you keep hitting the same road block, it’s because you haven’t yet learned the lesson needed to surpass it.
  21. Practice simple enlightenment by tasting every meal from the first bite to the last.
  22. Laugh out loud as much as possible and use the LOL symbol: it makes the other person smile.
  23. Become a better lover, practice a lot on your own if you have too.  LOL  – see they make you smile
  24. Life is fair to those who make their own circumstances.
  25. Life is too short. Period. Don’t make yours a dress rehearsal.
  26. Take yourself seriously when it comes to being the person you want to be.
  27. Give up your need to be right and choose to be open-minded.
  28. You can’t live in the past or future; bring all your plans into the present moment.
  29. Jealousy works the opposite way you want it to.  Lululemon Manifesto
  30. You’re the guardian of your emotions; choose to be happy.
  31. Frame every so-call disaster with these words: Shit happens – usually for a reason beyond our understanding.
  32. Get over it! If you can’t forgive; then forget. If you can’t forget; then forgive. If you can’t do either: then ask a close friend for help. If that doesn’t work; then say a prayer and seek a Shrink.
  33. The only opinions that matter are your family, friends, and teammates. “When things go wrong, the only friends you have in this world are those you eat with, sleep with, bleed with, pray with, and cry with. That’s your family, and your teammates.” Lou Holtz
  34. Know that we are all moving towards or away from the soul of the universe with each decision we make.
  35. Good can always get better; never settle for anything less than your best.
  36. The best friends to have are usually the ones that require the least amount of effort.
  37. If there is something in your life that doesn’t bring you peace, happiness, or joy: Try to discard it.
  38. Only envy happy people, and then quickly join their parade. You too can be happy at any moment.
  39. All the best moments in your life happen in the present moment. Stay focused on the now.
  40. No matter how hung-over or tired you feel, suck it up and pay the price for success.
  41. Never break your word. Each time you do, it has less value.  Cultivate your moral-fiber.
  42. Use all the social media portals wisely; reconnect with a few TRUE old friends you have missed over the years.
  43. Take at least three deep breaths every night before sleep and visualize something positive.
  44. Remember that stress is who you think you should be, and relaxation is who you are. “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book” – Irish Proverb
  45. Enjoy the ride: “Life is like a roller-coaster, it has its ups and downs, but when part of it is over, you wish you could do it again. …”Jerry Seinfeld,
  46. Remember “sharing is loving”. What are you waiting for? Pass this along to a friend…  (blog humor)
  47. Life isn’t like a box of chocolates. Life is all we have: I suggest you fill it with things you’re proud of.

“The best six doctors anywhere
And no one can deny it
Are sunshine, water, rest, and air
Exercise and diet.
These six will gladly you attend
If only you are willing
Your mind they’ll ease
Your will they’ll mend
And charge you not a shilling.”
~Nursery rhyme quoted by Wayne Fields, What the River Knows, 1990

Yes, that’s me, hanging in Costa Rica. Thanks for stopping in to E.y.D – Feel free to share your thoughts on living a healthy life in 2010 below.  Are you living healthy? Was there anything you hated about this list? Share 2 Cents Please…

6 Responses to Tips for a Healthy Life in 2010 – Healthy Living tips

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi Jonathan! Thanks for referencing the Lost Coin Zen site. I really like what you have to say here. I particularly like the “Take yourself seriously when it comes to becoming the person you want to be.” This is my practice right now. I recently realized that I THINK about being a certain way, but my actions do not support that vision and in fact, detract from it. Need to BE the way I want to be NOW- not someday in the future. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thanks for these great tips!
    .-= Chris – Personal Development´s last blog ..Tips for Using Intervals for Losing Fat =-.

  3. I loved your article. Some very thought provoking tips. Thanks for posting.

  4. Prateek says:

    Hey jonathan!!!
    Great tips mate…. moreover i was just into the photographs you have posted…..
    Thanks for posting these….. i really liked them….


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