Pete Caroll photo in high definition“Relentless pursuit to find a competitive edge.”  Pete Carroll


Can you recite your personal philosophy in 25 words or less?

Legendary college football coach Pete Carroll started his motivational speech by stressing the importance of having a philosophy and knowing it. Carroll asked some of military’s highest-ranking officers to raise their hands if they had a personal philosophy. About half the attendees raised their hands.

Then he asked how many of those who raised their hands could recite their philosophy in 25 words or less. By then, only a small handful of people still had their hands up.

If I was asked to recited my personal philosophy in 25 words or less, my answer would be yes. I would take a shot at it, and probably come up with something close to 25 words and near the truth. But no philosophy is completely ingrained my soul.  My mantra is: To Strive for Love, To seek knowledge, To Find happiness, and Yield not to fear.  Inspired by my favorite poem Ulysses by Lord Alfred Tennyson.  “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”   So I decided to write a sharp personal philosophy in 25 words or less.  And I challenge you to do the same.

I would love to hear some inspiring short philosophies, so drop a link below to your blog post, social media site, or go rogue in the comment section below with 25 words or less. In case you wondering where you can find my personal philosophy in 25 words or less.  I decided to take some time to ponder this exercise and try to perfect my 25 words or less, in a poetic style that speaks of imagination and certitude. I will published it in three days time…

Need a little inspiration?  Here is a Pete Carroll coaching philosophy: Win…Forever.

“I remembered thinking, that’s what it means to really be successful, showing you can maintain success over a long period of time,” Carroll said. “Looking back now, that’s when I decided that I wanted the team I coached to Win Forever.”

“How can you possibly do something forever? Much less Win… Forever?”

Pete carroll philosophy Win Forever

“That’s the interesting thing about the philosophy — to accomplish the grand, you have to focus on the small. To exist in the eternal perspective, you have to live in the moment.”

“Each practice takes on utmost importance. Each strength and conditioning workout carries significant weight. They’re all monumental, yet none more valuable than another.”

“And it goes to even more minute scales than that. Each repetition of each drill at practice means everything, because you can’t get to forever without right now.”

Carroll continued recalling the speech he gave to his players,

“‘The issue is this — we set our sights years and years ago to get to this point right here and to prove that we could do this just because we were dreamers and we were hopeful and we were going to do something really special. And the fact that we’re going to play this game tomorrow is not the issue. The fact that’s so important is what we have done, what we have illustrated and the lesson we can take away from this. By having a vision that nobody would back off on, that nobody would take a backward step on, that nobody would ever think couldn’t happen, we found our way to put ourselves exactly where we wanted to be. We’re doing it better than it’s ever been done before.”

“Carroll was a specially invited attendee and speaker at the military’s Conference on Small Unit Excellence, a first-of-its-kind seminar in Alexandria, Va., in late April that has since laid the foundation for revolutionary shifts in the actions and attitudes of the country’s armed forces.”

“Co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Joint Forces Command, the three-day conference attracted the military’s highest-ranking officers, some of the country’s brightest academicians, science’s top thinkers and Carroll — the only sports-related person invited — as they sought the answer to one question: How can the U.S. military improve and maintain consistent success?”

“Much like the rock that you drop in calm water, the effects of Coach’s presence and what he had to say is still rippling through the body of communities here,” Kamiya said. “The ripples are still reverberating through our communities.”  Source USC News

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3 Responses to A philosophy in 25 words of less: inspired by Pete Carroll’s Win forever

  1. Evelyn Lim says:

    I was hoping to help you retweet about the challenge in this post but got an error message with the retweet button. You may wish to check!

    I especially enjoyed the quote: “That’s the interesting thing about the philosophy — to accomplish the grand, you have to focus on the small. To exist in the eternal perspective, you have to live in the moment.” Well said!
    .-= Evelyn Lim´s last blog ..How To Restore Inner Harmony =-.

  2. Frank Michael says:

    – strive for excellence
    – compete with class
    – be humble winners
    – lose gracefully but grudgingly
    – respect yourself
    – respect your opponents
    -be responsible for your own actions
    Since I have only used 24 words, I feel compelled to insert a 25th word upon which all of my philosophy must be based: ‘Integrity’.
    P. S. keep up the good work!
    Frank Michael

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