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A short creative Essay on Social Media.

Once considered to be the Pope of Facebook by my coworkers; I have since moved on to be king of StumbleUpon. I check my analytics, Feed and blog comments with religious zeal, while simultaneously reading prolific blogs like Zen Habits and Dosh Dosh. I give Karmic Link-Love to all those who are kind enough to share.

I Tweet, I vote, I comment and I share heart pounding reviews for everyone to see. I meditate in the vortex of cyberspace while searching for that latest pop culture phenomenon I can launch further into the stratosphere. I tremendously enjoy giving daily Cups of Enlightened Zen to thousands of readers each week. My popularity online grows bigger with each passing moment, the last time in needed an ego boost, I counted a total of 3256 friends, subscribers, followers, and fans (which made me feel better).

On a monthly basis I make deep heart-rooted connections in the Blogosphere. Even though I have 896 friends on Digg; there is something I dont trust about that site. I am currently trending towards Mixx being cool, Reddit a new addiction, Vi.sualize.us a hidden gem, Twitter a necessary evil, and StumbleUpon a home where everybody knows my name. Sometimes I even scribble the name WordPress and draw little hearts around it. Double :) :) Yes, I love all things Social Media. (Even Propeller – well kind of?)social-media-community

 Photo by Will Lion found on Techipedia

social-media-loverPhoto by Todd Malicoat on Stuntdubl

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5 Responses to Yes, I love all things Social Media.

  1. Hahah! There’s something I don’t trust about Digg too. They ban people left right and center for no reason. Twitter is my addiction, I’m slowly weaning myself off it 😀

  2. jessica says:

    and I thought I knew a lot… going to check out visualize.us, reddit & mixx now. I am so over facebook now that my mother is on it too :-)

  3. Just had to laugh at the last comment, I have such an aversion to Facebook…share your views on Twitter and Stumbleupon though…also had to laugh at the ‘ego boost’ stuff – social networking for the spiritually-inclined is a funny business I think:-)

  4. Paul Hassing says:

    I like your writing, Jonathan; thank you for sharing your interesting thoughts. Thank you also for leaving such a high-value comment on my blog. I’m pleased to have met you and wish you every success in your many online endeavours. Best regards, Paul. :)

  5. idreamnow says:

    @ Albert, Thanks I am glad you enjoyed my little essay.

    @ Jessica, I appreciate your comments. I think you will really enjoy Visualizus

    @ Lisa. Glad you got a good laugh out of it. Cheers

    @ Paul, Thanks, I hope you will be back again soon.

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