“Religion answers questions. spirituality asks questions.” 

Is one inherently better then the other? And can there be balance between the two? Most importantly, is this quote trying to say that spirituality is of greater importance then religion? All your thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated, so drop me a comment below. Thanks…

The vacation is over. Perhaps, I needed a little break from my online obsessions. What I missed most while taking a break from Enlighten Your day was the comments and feedback from my readers. So today, I heard this quote that I felt compelled to share with my readers in hopes that you might have something to teach me about the questions I am putting forth, or maybe you just feel the desire to share something about this topic.

In addition, to compliment this post, I have added some enlightening Chinese proverbs for your reading pleasure. I found the proverbs on a custom stationary website while doing some random googling. Check it out when you get the chance. www.documentsanddesigns.com

I hope you enjoy!e_chinese_symbols_proverbs_all_the_beste_chinese_symbols_proverbs_arte_chinese_symbols_proverbs_beautye_chinese_symbols_proverbs_challengee_chinese_symbols_proverbs_committmente_chinese_symbols_proverbs_couragee_chinese_symbols_proverbs_discovere_chinese_symbols_proverbs_echoe_chinese_symbols_proverbs_experiencee_chinese_symbols_proverbs_friendshipe_chinese_symbols_proverbs_glorye_chinese_symbols_proverbs_heavene_chinese_symbols_proverbs_hopee_chinese_symbols_proverbs_enlightenment

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13 Responses to Enlightening Chinese proverbs and a question from a quote

  1. Jonathan says:


    I was hoping that my questions would spark a little debate over Spirituality vs Religion. Are they the same? Is one more significant then the other, or are they one and the same?

    All feedback and comments are welcome. Even if your mean-spirited…

  2. Mimi says:

    My briefest reply would be that religion is another tool used to reach the spiritual realm, if I may call it that. I think spirituality is the destination. Religion is a means of reaching it. I am not a religious person and consider myself a spiritual being. Everyone is spiritual but not everyone is religious. I suppose it’s up to the individual to decide whether or not one is more important than the other. Thanks for this post :-)

  3. Ian says:

    Spirituality is the journey. All religions are just sign posts. The trouble with religion is that if you only focus on the sign posts, you miss out on experiencing the journey. The good thing about spirituality is that you can pick your own path for your journey and don’t necessarily need any sign posts.

  4. Jonathan says:


    Thanks Ian, for that great little contribution to my post, I appreciate your insightful answer. Initially, I wasn’t sure if there could be a simple answer to my question regarding spirituality and religion. But you seemed to sum it up so easily and accurately; I am thankful for your response. Hope you will stop by again and find something to share…
    Pura Vida

  5. Ian says:

    Hi there, Jonathan.
    My post was mainly inspired by that famous saying “The finger that points at the moon is not the moon”. All religions are fingers, pointing at the moon (the absolute truth / the infinite / God / whatever it is you are seeking). But it’s the moon we are all interested in, not the fingers, but the experience of the moon can’t be communicated directly, so we rely on the fingers to help us find it. A lot of “religious” people have taken the fingers too literally and ended up not very spiritual at all!

    I think the best thing I did was to start seeking out as many different perspectives as possible – kind of like triangulating a signal – so I could get a really good experience of the moon.

    My other thought was that consciousness is a process, so spirituality can’t be a thing or a destination, it must also be a process – just like life is, in fact. A while ago, I realised I’d made a big mistake – I’d become at peace and appreciative of everything, and compassionate towards everyone, but then my body wasn’t happy and I lost my drive (I didn’t desire anything) and I got depressed!

    We are made to move, to do things, to create, to share, so it’s important to persist with the journey, even if you feel like you have found everything you want. I ended up coming up with goals purely so I had a worthwhile journey to make, because I really do enjoy the journey – the goals are secondary.
    Thanks for reading. I’ll be sure to browse more of your site when I get time.

  6. Mimi says:

    I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church. For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit.
    -Kahlil Gibran

    That’s what I was trying to say but then again, I am no Kahlil Gibran :-)

    Am I welcome to post here? I somehow feel like I’m intruding but I could be sleepy. My best to all!

  7. Jonathan says:


    Thanks Mimi

    I appreciate you sharing that great Kahlil Gibran quote; I love his work. Your more then welcome to post here anytime. My Best to you too…

  8. Damien Riley says:

    Interesting topics on religion and the journey etc. Another thought is that religion should be feeding the poor and taking care of elderly folks … or something like that. We often glamorize or vilify the word when it’s quite simple.

  9. The proverb cards are gorgeous…stumbled upon you (literally) while you were away and loved your blog, glad to see you are back…as for your question, I can’t remember who said it, but there is some quote I like along the lines that someone finds their way to enlightenment/nirvana/God-realization, and then everyone else tries to mimic it, and then that becomes religion. In other words, for me, spirituality is the personal journey to liberation/understanding (or whatever word you want to use), and it can’t be codified, but people try, and then you have religion. Within every religion there are therefore signposts and nuggets of value, but people get lost in trying to ‘follow’ the religion, instead of finding their way. Another way of thinking about it is that religion is done from the outside in, and spirituality from the inside out.

  10. chetsho says:

    You have beautiful pages here.
    Thanks for the stumbles that u sent me.
    have good times

  11. Robert Miller says:

    I am enjoying your website and plan to return often. Loved the quotations you presented here. I think I may ask more questions than I have answers and I am content with that.

  12. Jarvis says:

    let me give you my 2 cents.. I used to be a christian but now i’m just a spiritual after experiencing spiritual awakening. religion can be a spritual because there are spiritual messages in religion but you have to be awake in order for you to find the spiritual messages… most religious people are just a literal…. the difference between religious vs spiritual is that in being a spiritual is having direction with god or with you true self with in. Believing in or having in faith in something you are experiencing.. Making your own path with god with in.. but you are responsible with you own action. religion is believing in something you do not know… blind faith and they claim that there path are the only way… religion can be good or bad… if you transform your life through there path but it can be dangerous also.. look at all the killings that christians and other religions commited using gods name…. god is all love his doesn’t punish or kill… he is with in you…. you are god… look in wards… we are here to love and to be loved….

  13. Decmate says:

    Religions (not all) are fear based, therefore aren’t genuine. Spirituality isn’t based.

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