I hope you will enjoy this third collection of inspiring and enlightening quotes, pictures, and proverbs I have collected on Stumbleupon. I have also listed below some great stumblers worth checking out. If you enjoy this post please give it a thumbs up, or better yet a review to share with others… Enjoy and thanks for stopping by…peaceful-momentrumi-flower


seek-happiness test-of-power the-power-of-touchthoreau-quote









11 Responses to An inspiring collection of lessons, illustrated quotes and proverbs found on Stumbleupon

  1. Jonathan says:


    Check out this list of great stumblers who have amazing stumble blogs worth checking out. If you’re a stumbleupon fan, please feel free to leave you stumbleupon blog address in the comment section below for other people to find your work, or recommend who you think has the best stumbleupon blog.

    Top 5

    W0lfh0und http://w0lfh0und.stumbleupon.com/
    Topsurf http://topsurf.stumbleupon.com/
    Babbages4life http://babbages4life.stumbleupon.com/
    Shilpan http://shilpan.stumbleupon.com/
    Roachell http://roachell.stumbleupon.com/

    The Rest of the bunch:
    SpiralsShadeaux http://spiralsshadeaux.stumbleupon.com/
    Limevelyn http://limevelyn.stumbleupon.com/
    Alchemy33 http://alchemy33.stumbleupon.com/
    Onreact-com http://onreact-com.stumbleupon.com/
    Earthyblog http://earthyblog.stumbleupon.com/
    DodgeGirl1 http://dodgegirl1.stumbleupon.com/
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    Witchqueen13 http://witchqueen13.stumbleupon.com/

  2. Hey…I clicked over to your post to stumble and was so surprised to find my SU site being featured here! Thanks so much! And of course, stumbled!


  3. C. J. says:

    An excellent collection of quotes and images. Very nice!

  4. Yanto says:

    I found this from Blog Rush. Nice collection of quotes images.

  5. StumbleUpon says:

    Great information! Thanks for writing this. It is an honor to participate in the discussion.

  6. Marilynn says:

    I like your collection of quotes. I love the “Seek Happiness” because it’s so simple and discrete. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Julie says:

    As always nice quotes and excellent work. I am honored to be one of many recipients of this blog.

  8. “fear less, hope more..” – what a superb quote and so pertinient to our times. We could all do well to take such advice in the current economic downturn! Thank you for brightening up my day!

  9. Ishu says:

    Its good…… i want a mail of those inspiring proverbs.

  10. piskodrocho says:

    I want to listen good music!

  11. Anonymous says:

    cute quotess ^^

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